Five Star Seniors' Dreams Coming True


Five Star Senior Living is grateful to Second Wind Dreams for the joy they've brought to our residents and staff.

Second Wind Dreams is a non-profit organization, similar to the Make a Wish Foundation for children, that enhances the quality of life for seniors living in eldercare communities by granting individual's unique wishes. Second Wind Dreams has made life-long dreams come true for residents at several Five Star Senior Living communities. Thank you Second Wind! 


Somerford Place in Redlands, California

His Dream: To fly an Air Force bomber 

(as told by Alisha Mihld, Director of Alzheimer's Care at Somerford Place, seen in the photos below)

Glen and his son were both pilots (not in the Air Force). Glen's dream was to fly an Air Force bomber. I got a hold of the March Air Force Base were they have a museum with retired planes.

I set up a private tour for the three of us where we had a tram ride, and they opened up an Air Force bomber so we could take Glen inside the plane. Glen was amazed with the size of the planes and he said to us "I need one of these at home to play with" (referring to the machine gun inside the bomber). Glen said that "I'm glad that I never had to be in the war but I would have loved to fly this magnificent machine." Glen's son Dennis said "This is one of the most memorable times I have spent with my dad since I was little... I will remember this for the rest of my life, even though I know he won't", and his eyes filled with tears and  then Glen started to cry. The experience was every touching for all of us. We all had a lot of fun!



Ashwood Place in Frankfort, Kentucky

Her Dream: To fly an airplane

Esther a 99 year old resident of Ashwood Place has had a lifelong dream of flying a plane. On November 9, 2010 Esthers dream came true!

Ashwood Place and Second Wind Dreams fulfilled that lifelong dream with a little help from pilot Frank McKinzie from 95 Lima Airplane Rides, Digital Expressions, and Pepsi. Esther a resident of Ashwood Place since 2003 shared this experience with her sister. They flew over the Capitol of Kentucky and the Frankfort community in a Twin Engine Beechcraft Duches.





Morningside Assisted Living in Cullman, Alabama

Her Dream:
To play golf once again at the country club where she had won golf titles and been a charter member.

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Marlene Dean just wanted to swing a club one more time at the country club where  she had won a couple of titles and was a Charter Member. 

That dream came true last week when she and two of her children and some of her grandchildren went with us to Terri Pines Country Club for her to relive memories, look at pictures of her wining trophies, and to hit her first golf ball in about 10 years.  She hit it about 60 yards and was elated. 



Walking Horse Meadows in Clarksville, Tennessee

His Dream:
To have his artwork in a gallery showing.


Bill Miller, a resident of Walking Horse Meadows Assisted Living, is an artist, but he had never had any of his paintings in a showing.  So, the team at Walking Horse, along with Second Wind Dreams and a local Museum made that happen! 

Second Wind Dreams is a non-profit organization that, similar to the Make a Wish Foundation for children, aims to enhance the quality of life for those living in eldercare communities by granting individual's wishes.

The Customs House Museum and Cultural Center in Clarksville, featured Mr. Miller's art in its gallery. It was a big surprise for him and the Museum did a wonderful job. One of Mr. Miller's sons came in from Seattle, and his twin sister came in from Florida for the exhibit. Everyone enjoyed appetizers and drinks while viewing Mr. Miller's artwork.




Morningside Assisted Living in Sheffield, Alabama

His Dream:
To once again be the radio announcer for the University of  Northern Alabama.

"Voice of the Lions" Returns!

Through the Second Wind Dreams organization, Morningside of Sheffield resident George Manush has once again gotten to be the “Voice of the Lions” for the University of North Alabama football team!

Mr. Manush was a radio announcer from 1952 to 1991, and doubled as the “Voice” at UNA for more than 20 years. How exciting that at age 82, he got to do it again for the 2009 Homecoming Game at Braly Stadium!  




Morningside in Springville, Tennessee

Her Dream:
To learn to swim

Morningside in Springville, Tennessee

Her Dream: 
A former nurse, to be a teacher

 By Jim Bellis • Staff Writer •  Robertson County Times • August 5, 2010

Two Morningside Assisted Living residents were rewarded with the fulfillment of a life’s wish. Mary Elisabeth Jones and Mary Hardin each received their wishes through the Georgia-based Second Wind Dreams Organization, of which Morningside is a member.

Jones, who has always wanted to swim, was given four swimming lessons, courtesy of the Springfield YMCA. Aquatic Director Mike Bush agreed to let instructor, Terry Enbretson furnish the instruction.

Jones, apprehensive at her first lesson, was soon enjoying herself.

Former nurse Mary Hardin, 89, said she’d harbored a desire to teach. A few phone calls later, Hardin was presented with a “teacher’s” certificate by Cheatham Park teacher Janet Burks, who arranged for Hardin to be teacher for a day.

Under Hardin’s tutelage, the students worked in arts, crafts and academic subjects throughout the school day, stopping long enough to have their photo taken with her.

Jones and Hardin agreed that they never expected to see their wish actually accomplished.

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