Inpatient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation & Wellness services are offered at many of Five Star Senior Living 's assisted living and skilled nursing facilities throughout the United States.  We provide rehabilitation, per physician’s order, to both full-time residents of our skilled nursing facilities and to people there for a short-term stay while recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Short-term rehabilitation in a skilled health care facility is often needed for situations such as stroke or cardiac recovery, joint replacement surgeries or interim care after a hospital stay.

Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers strive to offer quality comprehensive rehabilitation services at a pace that works for seniors.  For patients needing complex medical care, our staff provides specialized services that promote their maximum level of independence.

Some of our inpatient programs offered are:

  • Amputee Rehabilitation Program
  • Arthritis Rehabilitation Program
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
  • Orthopedics Rehabilitation Program
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
  • Neurorehabilitation Program
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Program
  • Incontinence Rehabilitation Program
  • General Rehabilitation Program
  • Medically Complex Rehabilitation Program
  • Geriatric Evaluation and Management Program
  • Interdisciplinary Wound Management Program
  • Restorative Nursing Program


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